• 10th-All-Stars-Returning Contestants for the First Time.
  • 9th-Alliances-Who's Alliance is better Russell's or Rob's?
  • 8th-Redemption Island-Contestants try to return to the Game.
  • 7th-Nicaragua-It's All so a All-Star Season Mind Blown.
  • 6th-Winners-Great Idea But didn't get Picked Up Fans have been asking but will Come Out.
  • 5th-Fans vs Favorites-Fans were put against their favorite Contestants.
  • 4th-Philippines-3 Returning Injured Contestants return face against 15 new Contestants.
  • 3rd-One World-Men vs Women Live together for the First Time.
  • 2nd-Object Shows-Survivor Crossovr with Object Shows.
  • 1st-Forest of Fairytales.Best Themed Survivor Themes ever with Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.


  • Forest of Fairytales was first in The Black Forest in Germany.Then they Moved to Enchanted Forest for Survivor:The Enchanted Forest of Fairytales 1 & 2 & Redemption Island 2.