There were sixteen contestants overall, divided into two tribes, Spongebob and Patrick.Yellow Team Is Mentored by Spongebob.Pink Team is Mentored by Patrick.When Its Merged (Green Team) It's Mentored by Sheldon(Plankton)Hosts:Mr.Krabs,Sandy,Squidward,Gary.

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Yin Yang Patrick 16th
Knife Spongebob 15th
Pen Patrick 14th
Apple Spongebob 13th
Pepper Patrick 12th
Soap Spongebob 11th
Salt Patrick 10th
Rocky Spongebob Sheldon 9th
Needle Patrick 9th
Puffball Patrick 8th
Bubble Patrick 7th
Marshmallow Patrick 6th
Bow Spongebob 5th
Balloon N/A 4th
Pencil Spongebob 3rd
Match Spongebob 2nd
Teardrop Spongebob 1st

Voting historyEdit

Original Tribes Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Eliminated: Yin Yang (7/8) Knife (6/8) Pen (6/7) Apple (4/7) Pepper (4/6) TIE Soap (2/3) Salt (4/6) Rocky (8/9) Needle (5/9) Puffball (6/8) Bubble (4/7) Marshmallow (5/6) Bow (3/5) Balloon (3/4) Pencil (2/3)
Voter Vote
Teardrop Knife Match Soap Soap Rocky Balloon Match Bubble Marshmallow Bow Balloon Pencil
Match Knife Apple Rocky Rocky Rocky Needle Puffball Bubble Marshmallow Balloon Balloon Pencil
Pencil Knife Apple Rocky - Rocky Needle Puffball Bubble Marshmallow Bow Balloon Match
Balloon Needle Puffball Bubble Marshmallow Bow Pencil
Bow Knife Apple Soap Soap Rocky Needle Puffball Teardrop Marshmallow Match
Marshmallow Yin Yang Pen Pepper Salt Rocky Needle Puffball Teardrop Pencil
Bubble Yin Yang Pen Pepper Salt Rocky Balloon Puffball Teardrop
Puffball Yin Yang Pen Pepper Salt Rocky Balloon Match
Needle Yin Yang Pen Pepper Salt Rocky Balloon
Rocky Pencil Pencil Pencil - Pencil
Salt Yin Yang Pen Puffball Puffball
Soap Knife Apple Pencil -
Pepper Yin Yang Pen Puffball
Apple Knife Pencil
Pen Yin Yang Puffball
Knife Pencil
Yin Yang Pepper

Jury vote
Finalist: Teardrop Match
Juror Vote
Pencil Match
Balloon Teardrop
Bow Match
Marshmallow Match
Bubble Match
Puffball Teardrop
Needle Teardrop
Rocky Teardrop
Salt* Teardrop
  • Was not part of the jery it was a tie.



  • Episode 1:Cook Off:Winner Spongebob's Team
  • Episode 2:Sleep-off:Winner Patrick's Team
  • Episode 3:Staring Contest:Winner Spongebob's Team
  • Episode 4:Karate Match vs. Sandy:Winner Patrick's Team
  • Episode 5:Painting vs.Squidward:Winner(s) TIE
  • Episode 5(Tie Breaker):WINNER:Spongebob's Team
  • Episode 6:Flying:Winner: Patrick's Team
  • Episode 7:Happy Contest: Spongebob's Team


  • Episode 8:Eating Contest:Winner Teardrop
  • Episode 9:Win Balloon:Winner's Pencil & Match
  • Episode 10:Christmas Spirit:Winner Teardrop
  • Episode 11:New Year Parting:Winner Pencil
  • Episode 12:Dumb Contest:Winner Bow
  • Episode 13:Dancing Contest:Winner Teardrop
  • Episode 14:Eating Contest:Winner Match
  • Episode 15:Matching Game:Winner Teardrop


  • 16th:Yin Yang
  • 15th:Knife
  • 14th:Pen
  • 13th:Apple
  • 12th:Pepper
  • 11th:Soap
  • 10th:Salt
  • 9th:Rocky
  • 9th:Needle
  • 8th:Puffball
  • 7th:Bubble
  • 6th:Marshmallow
  • 5th:Bow
  • 4th:Balloon
  • 3rd:Pencil
  • 2nd:Match
  • 1st:Teardrop