This contestant is male.
This contestant is female.


Episode 3-TBA This contestant was on both teams.
Came In The Competition or Rejoined at The Merged.
Episodes 1-3 This contestant is in II.
Episodes 1-3 This contestant is in Battle For Dream Island
Episode 3-TBA This contestant is a Hero
Episode 3-TBA This Contestant is A Villain


WIN This contestant won for their team.
WIN This contestant was on the winning team.
WIN This contestant won immunity for themselves.
MID This contestant didn't win or lose.
IM This contestant didn't win, but was awarded with immunity anyways.
1st This contestant won the season.
2nd This contestant was the runner up of the season.
UFE This contestant is up for elimination.


SAFE This contestant was safe from elimination with either the least amount of votes or zero votes.
LOW This contestant recieved votes for elimination, but was declared safe.
LOW This contestant recieved the second most votes for elimination, but was still declared safe.
OUT This contestant was eliminated by contestant votes.
OUT This contestant was eliminated by viewer votes.
OUT This contestant wasn't supposed to be eliminated, but was anyways.
OUT This contestant was supposed to be eliminated previously, but was eliminated this time.
Quit The Contestant Quit.
Season 3 Elimination Chart
Place Contestant Episode 1-2 Team Episode 3-5 Team Episode 6-present Team 1 2 3 4 5 6
Apple II Villains Heroes Win LOW SAFE Win IN IN
Baseball II Heroes Villains Win Immunity LOW Win IN IN
Light-Blub II Heroes Villains Win MID LOW Win IN IN
Marshmallow II Heroes Heroes Win SAFE SAFE Win IN IN
Bow Heroes
Yin-Yang Heroes Villains MID WIN IN IN
Soap II Villains Heroes WIN SAFE Win SAFE IN IN
Knife II Villains Villains Win SAFE Win MID IN IN
Test Tube II Villains Villains Win MID Win MID IN IN
Fiery BFDI Heroes Heroes MID Win MID Win IN IN
Pickle Heroes
Book BFDI Villains Villains SAFE Win Win MID IN IN
Rocky Heroes Heroes SAFE Win IN IN
Leafy BFDI Villains Villains SAFE Win Win LOW IN IN
Tennis Ball BFDI Heroes Heroes Low Win MID Win IN IN
Ruby BFDI Villains Heroes SAFE Win Win Low IN IN
13th/ Match BFDI Villains Villains MID Win Win SAFE Quit IN
14th/ Pencil BFDI Heroes Villains SAFE WIN Win SAFE Quit IN
15th Ice Cube BFDI Villains LOW Win Win OUT
16th Paintbrush II Heroes Win Low OUT
17th Nickel II N/A Win OUT
18th Coiny BFDI N/A OUT

Prediction by Samantha DonadioEdit

  • 18th:Coiny
  • 17th:Nickel
  • 16th:Paintbrush
  • 15th:Ice Cube
  • Prediction Stars Hear
  • 14th:Tennis Ball
  • 13th:Leafy
  • 12th:Soap
  • 11th:Fiery
  • 10th:Test Tube
  • 9th:Baseball
  • 8th:Light-bulb
  • 7th:Ruby
  • 6th:Apple
  • Joined:Bow
  • 6th:Rocky
  • 5th:Bow
  • 4th:Match
  • 3rd:Knife
  • 2nd:Pencil
  • 1st:Marshmallow